It has been a month and a half (April 17, 2012) since I blogged about the issue I have had using Posterous with a private domain name.  Trouble with Posterous Accounts Since Purchase by Twitter?   I am sorry to say that after multiple email requests through the Posterous  help desk with out a response I looked up a previous helpdesk email I had where I did get a response and it happen to be with Sachin Agarwal (co founder of Posterous).  What ensued was a 7 email (my contribution to the email stream) conversation with Sachin … with his last request to send him some screencast of the issues I was experiencing.  The issue arose immediately after Twitter purchased  Posterous.  At that very moment one of my Posterous blogs (I have 11) and the only one using a private domain name would not respond to any editing and that obviously became problematic for the 503c charity the blog was serving.  I immediately sent Sachin the requested screen casts (April 9, 2012).  To date I have had no response from Posterous and/or Sachin.  I know that he has moved into a new position at Twitter what I do not understand is how Posterous does not respond at all to a clients requests for help nor why Sachin has not responded to what was a request made by him.

Since I started using Posterous I have been a very big fan and advocate of the product.  I have pushed it to  members of my professional and personal learning networks and it was always something I shared during conference presentations and participation.  My patience and needs could not withstand anymore indifference, at best, or blatant ignoring of the dilemma I was facing, at worst.  If this is their approach to users of Posterous I can only imagine that a very nice product will eventually die on the vine.   As a result I have moved the blog to WordPress.

Has this been your problem?  Have you moved your blog as a result?  Where have you moved it? Has Posterous made the decision for you?  Let me know….