I am an educational consultant that leverages a unique combination of 33 years of educational experience that includes extensive classroom and administrative experience (in K-12 and High School districts). This experience is coupled with a passion for working with/for an engaged faculty, staff, and community to create authentic learning (Situated Learning) experiences that prepare students for a lifetime of learning and engagement as an active contributor in our ever-increasing global community.  I work within a the frame work of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in order to build strong relationships between all stakeholders that have optimizing student learning as their primary goal.  The result of this kind of approach creates a climate of distributive leadership that results in systemic changes that are sustainable independent of any one individual.   I specialize in the integration of existing and emerging technologies into the classroom experience on both the learning and instructional sides in order to develop the necessary 21st century skills for learner successful contributing adult today and in the future.