Image Has anyone had problems with their Posterous accounts since Twitter purchased them?  I have 10 Posterous websites that I use for a variety of personal and professional reasons; one of them has a personal domain instead of the Posterous domain.  All of them were working beautifully and to date all of them are still functioning as they always have with the exception of one, the one with the personal domain.

I can:

  • log into the site on Posterous as I always have
  • see the site with all of its pages and links.
  • click on a page to edit and it takes me to the WYSIWYG editing environment
  • click into a spot on the page where I want to edit

The result … the cursor just stays there.  I cannot make any changes at all to any part of this site.

I have tried:

  • a different browser
  • a different computer
  • contacting and  having a conversation with GoDaddy where the domain was purchased to see if communication between GoDaddy and Posterous, at their end, was working. They responded in the affirmative.
  • contacting Posterous multiple times through their Helpdesk by Contacting Support and sending an email with the specifics of the problem (I have done this in the past and received immediate and very helpful support).  To date I have not received one acknowledgement or reply to my request for help.
  • contacting Twitter multiple times through their Help Center.  To date I have not received one acknowledgement or reply to my request for help.
  • contacted the Posterous respondent from one of my previous Contacting Support email requests and was in a dialogue with him and responded to his last request to send some screen casts (his email on 4/4/12).  Since them I have sent the screencasts and to him and 2 additional emails asking him to please respond… nothing to date

All of this leads to me to the following observations:

  • customer service is nonexistent since the purchase by Twitter
  • I am left with a problem that I cannot solve
  • the 503c organization that I built this web site for is High and Dry and is void of a functional website
  • the inability to contact a person on the phone and begin to climb up the ladder to get this resolved is a huge problem and now appears to be a control issue

This brings me back to my original question: Has anyone had problems with their Posterous accounts and/or customer service since Twitter purchased them?